Beverage Label

Look inside a label

Self-adhesive labels are a powerful tool for global beverage companies. At Printmax, we understand your beverage label needs to standout on crowded retail shelves. Many brands spot the “no label” or transparent label look where letters and images seem suspended on glass and plastic bottles. These transparent labels seamlessly adhere to the surface of bottles to create an impression of purity and quality.

Some beverage company use strong colours with glossy and textured surfaces to make a strong impression. Cold beverage labels often use graphics to convey a frosty appearance.

Beer and cider labels have long been a standard for innovation, adopting ultra-thin film labels. Other beverage manufacturers are following suit, adopting down gauged labelling solutions that convey quality, while delivering increased productivity and cost savings.

Let us convert your beverage labels!

Printmax provide wide range of customized beverage labelling solutions on any type of film, paper and foil labels. These materials combine outstanding appearance and durability

Go the distance with our performance

Beverage bottles experience changes in temperature and humidity as they travel throughout the global supply chain. At Printmax, we are able to provide our quality appearance and flawless performance in these surroundings.

Beer and flavoured liquor labels are usually over laminated to provide outstanding gloss and print protection. This ensures that labels maintain good scuff and scratch resistance throughout the production, distribution and usage.