TT Sensor Plus

TT Sensor PlusTM

A step forward for temperature data logger.

TT Sensor PlusTM is the perfect alternative to the conventional data logger that are expensive, bulky, and easily lost.

TT Sensor PlusTM is a wireless smart label that helps you create the right solution for your application and make time and temperature data available anytime, anywhere via smartphone or the cloud.

Small yet mighty.

TT Sensor PlusTM incorporates sensor functionality and temperature-data logging capabilities in a cost-effective, disposable label solution. It can handle a wider range of operating temperatures with greater accuracy and data points in a long-lasting battery life.


Data point

> 3 years

Battery life

+/- 0.3°C


-20°C to 70°C

Temperature range

*Temperature range is configurable to -30°C

Desirable form factor.

TT Sensor PlusTM puts every requirement you need into an incredibly thin and light design without sacrificing performance. Every detail of the product has been carefully considered so that you can work more efficient.

3.5 mm




68 mm x 26 mm

Label dimension (width x length)

Revolutionary ways to use.

TT Sensor PlusTM stored data in a Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip and can be uploaded to a smartphone at anytime; anywhere throughout the supply chain.

Three hassle-free ways to access your data:

  • Android smartphone or tablet (NFC-Enabled)
  • Laptop with USB NFC Reader
  • Cloud Database

This product is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals and other temperature-sensitive goods.

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