Guiding Principles

Printmax has enjoyed many successes over the years and we are not slowing down. We aim to push the boundaries of technology and practice a culture that is driven to deliver.


Our Vision – What motivates us

We strive to be the world’s leading label manufacturer that produces and delivers the best quality products and services with superior solutions that helps improve businesses and conserve natural resources.

Our Corporate Mission – What we want to achieve

To be a world class label manufacturer that delivers the best possible solution by providing excellent quality products with excellent services through continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Business Direction – What will lead us to success

  • Customer satisfaction

We understand our customers’ expectations. We manufacture our products in an efficient manner to deliver consistently high quality labels.

  • Shaping change

We shape change and seize the opportunities it brings.

  • Striving for excellence

To be the best, we must compete with the best. We benchmark against our strongest competitors. Our work is fast, agile and accurate. Efficient processes and high productivity secure and increase the value of the company.

Our Corporate Values – What we build on

  • Commitment

We are committed to deliver the best customer experience with our quality products and services.

  • Transparency and trust

We communicate in a transparent manner. This is the best foundation for a relationship to build on trust.

  • Responsibility and sustainability

We act responsibly in the interest of our company, taking the social and ecological impact of our actions into consideration.

Our Strength – What we do best

  • Printmax culture

We live by our values and strive for continuous improvement.

  • Innovation

Our creativity is the basis for new technological innovations that ensures our labels are manufactured with equal emphasis on efficiency and quality.

  • Outstanding quality

We deliver products that offer consistent quality at efficient low cost. In this way, we meet our customers’ wishes and expectation.

  • Global presence

We are constantly extending our global presence.