About Us

About Us

Established in 1988, Printmax began with a vision to produce labels that help businesses reduce overhead cost while delivering information to end-user with consistent high-quality, accurate and fast print.

Printmax has always been to innovate with passion. We aim to push the boundaries of technology that is driven to deliver efficiency. We believe efficiency shouldn’t be sacrificing quality, we create products that empower our customers to grow at the most efficient cost solution possible.

Building Brands For You

Your brand speaks for your product, our label speaks for your brand.

At Printmax, we preserve the integrity of your brand while arriving at the most efficient solution possible. Efficiency shouldn’t be sacrificing quality. We help you choose the correct substrate, size, shape, ink, coating and printing combination to reduce waste and eliminate costs from the entire supply chain.

All this would not have been possible without our commitment towards innovation. We will continue to innovate our printing technologies to ensure our labels are manufactured with equal emphasis on efficiency and quality. A reason why we are trusted as a label manufacturer for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Our People

Printmax growing team is built to scale along with thousands of new customers every day. We’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way. We invest in engineering, research, and customer support.