Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Technical expertise, global pre-tested label material range and long-term availability. The role of labeling material in its ability to help secure product performance is crucial to patient safety.

The right label material for your pharmaceutical product

As experts in pharmaceutical labeling, we understand the factors that influence label selection for pharmaceutical products. From migration safe label materials with low leachability characteristics to specialized materials that can withstand demanding conditions, our label material specification guide summarizes the key things you should consider when to succeed in pharmaceutical and healthcare labeling.

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Choosing the right label

Selecting the right label material for the container is essential to safeguarding the integrity of the product and the safety of a patient. From small volume size containers such as vials and ampules to solutions that stick reliably to cylindrical containers, discover why it’s important to consider the size and shape of the container when selecting a label.

Pharmaceutical label safety

Choosing a label that is made from pharmaceutical grade materials is crucial to protecting patients and ensuring that pharmaceutical products are safe. At Printmax, we work closely with our vendors to meet global regulatory requirements and offer a secured long-term supply.

Label change control

Unforeseen changes in raw materials or the packaging of pharmaceutical products can pose a serious risk to patient health and safety. We understand that specification and validation processes take a long time and consume significant resources, which is why we offer a robust change management process in addition to the long-term availability of unchanged materials.

Pharmaceutical product security

Tamper evident labels, anti-counterfeit labels and presence verification solutions help to protect consumers, ensure supply-chain security and support compliance for the packaging of prescription drugs and high-risk over-the-counter medicines.

Regulatory compliance

Product packaging is constantly evolving as packaging material regulations advance to improve patient safety. Staying on top of the latest changes is integral to achieving product compliance. Regulatory compliance ensures that packaging materials:

  • Protect the drug
  • Do not change the product or packaging materials
  • Do not introduce toxic compounds to the drug
  • Are compatible with the drug
  • Guarantee effective performance and functionality
  • Guarantee safe drug delivery