Our food labels bring confidence to your customers

Consumers often purchase new products because the packaging caught their eye. Labels are a powerful tool that helps companies and brands to stand out, communicate essential information with consumers, enhance consumer safety, add functionality to the package and even protect the quality and freshness of the food product.

Packaging substrates and labelling environment

The conditions of a product faces can vary significantly. Heat, moisture and cold can have an impact on the performance and longevity of the label. The label material you choose will be partly defined by the conditions the product is likely to face during its lifetime.

Sustainable design with strong compliance

Labels are a crucial part of sustainable packaging designs, and helping our customers go beyond their sustainability goals is at the core of our business. We set ambitious targets for responsible sourcing and pass on these values to customers and brands throughout our value chain.

Printmax select suppliers who act responsibly and support them in improving their performance and business. You can rest assured that the labels you purchased from Printmax are complied with governmental regulations and directives related to direct and indirect food labelling.