Get spotted with our labels!

At Printmax, we understand your beverage label needs to standout on crowded retail shelves. Whether purchasing water bottles, soft drinks or beer, consumers are attracted to creative beverage packaging innovations that convey personality. Textured, coloured and metalized papers or clear and white films can all be used to create highly visual and informative labels that make beverages stand out on crowded retail shelves.

Sustainable design for beverage packaging innovation

The beverage industry is well-known for exceptional branding. Yet in today’s eco-conscious market, brands must also create beverage label designs that support packaging recyclability. Printmax offer a wide range of label materials that enable brands to achieve sustainability goals without compromising on design.

Choosing the right label

Extreme conditions can affect a label’s ability to stick and stay. Beverage bottles experience changes in temperature and humidity as they travel throughout the global supply chain. At Printmax, we are able to provide our quality appearance and flawless performance in these surroundings.

Talk to our experts about water-resistant labels for ice buckets, water-whitening resistant labels for pasteurization and labels for cold applications.

Let us convert your beverage labels!

Printmax provide wide range of customized beverage labelling solutions on any type of film, paper and foil labels. These materials combine outstanding appearance and durability.