Printmax is one of the top leading player in the specialty labels in Malaysia. Printmax began with a vision to produce labels that empower businesses to grow at efficient cost while delivering unbeatable image quality and maximum convenience for end-user to maximize productivity.

Printmax success story began in 1988 as a local business enterprise. Today, it has 2 factories with 18 production lines covering Malaysia and countries abroad. Printmax provides innovative solutions to the Healthcare & Specialty, Home & Personal Care, Premium Food & Beverage, Automotive & Durables and Consumer markets worldwide.

Printmax is a leading converter in pressure sensitive materials for decorative, functional and information labels in Malaysia. Printmax produces a wide range of specialty label products for major global corporations in the healthcare, consumer packaging and consumer durable segments. 

Printmax outstanding achievement and global recognition has always been to innovate with passion and purpose. Its aim to push the boundaries of technology that is driven to deliver efficiency. All this would not have been possible without our commitment towards innovation. 

Printmax will continue to innovate our manufacturing technologies to ensure our labels are manufactured with equal emphasis on efficiency and quality. A key reason why we are trusted for some of the world’s biggest brands.


ISO 9001:2015 – UKAS since 2002

Current production capacity

5.5 Million

Square meters annually

Targeted production capacity

10 Million

Square meters annually

Our Value Creation Story

Our value creation story outlines the detailed considerations we make in order to maintain our competitive advantage in the markets where we operate.


Through analysis of internal and external factors, we formulate strategies that maximise the use of our capital resources and deliver tangible contributions towards our Drivers of Growth. Our strategies are then implemented through our established business processes.


At the same time, we reinvest to empower our growth objectives ‘To Grow Sustainably For A Better World’.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors also play a key role in our considerations and we have further aligned our approach with various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to which our initiatives contribute.

Our Culture

Guiding Principles

Where We Came From