Beauty & Personal Care

Clean, bold, fresh or refined. Our labels for personal care packaging support creative packaging design without compromising on durability.

Personal care labels for maximum brand appeal

Decisive quality and performance for brands, leading-edge sustainability and a wide array of decorative label design features. Our label materials for personal care packaging, such as cosmetic and beauty packaging, meet industry regulations while helping your product stand out on the shelf with lasting label solutions that retain their visual appeal throughout the product life cycle.

To maintain their leadership, brand owners are constantly innovating new products and packaging. Personal care labelling solutions must set a new standard for both aesthetics and performance.

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Choosing the right label

All good designers know the importance of researching the requirements and limitations of a container’s shape, size, material, and squeezability before creating new packaging designs. From rigid to conformable, Printmax offers a diverse range of materials for various personal care products.

No-label look

Elegance, minimalism, and versatility. Ultra-clear labels on transparent packaging create a cleaner, sleeker look that makes products really stand out.

As studied, film is outpacing paper as the label material of choice as it provides the opportunity for iconic branding and performance that lasts throughout the product life cycle. Find out how your brand can create a visually appealing no-label look that showcases your brand’s personality and puts the product at centre stage.

Securing and building your brand identity together

Product labels play an essential role in communicating your brand identity. Without a label that stays firmly in place for the full duration of the product life cycle, your brand identity could be lost. Good label adhesion is crucial.

Designing labels for consumer safety

Personal care products often come into direct contact with the skin, hair and body. Labels for personal care packaging play a key role in protecting people from counterfeit products that could cause them harm.

Labels for different container types

Rigid containers

Labels for rigid containers
High-end personal care products such as cosmetics and male grooming products are often sold in PP containers and other rigid containers such as glass or PET containers. Create a no-label look using clear labels on transparent containers, or opt for textured, embossed, soft-touch, matt and metallic films to create decorative features that captivate consumers with packaging designs that emanate class, style and personality.

Contoured containers

Labels for contoured containers
To ensure your contoured or semi-squeezable container reflects the quality of your product, the label must fit the packaging and retain its looks regardless of damp and humid conditions. Our labels for contoured containers feature attractive, long-lasting face materials and state-of-the-art adhesives.

Contoured containers

Labels for contoured containers
Squeezable containers make up a large percentage of the personal care market and bring their own unique labeling challenges. Product labels must be resilient enough to survive humid and damp environments while still being attractive and providing needed information to consumers. The label on the container must be flexible, durable and strong.