Durable labels need to carry product information for the lifetime of a product from domestic and industrial appliances to electronics or automotive parts

Durable labels that last a lifetime

Durable labels have lasting appeal in tough conditions, no matter what weather climate like rain, snow, or heat exposure. These chemical resistant, waterproof label materials provide a hard-wearing, long-lasting labelling solution.

This durable labels are commonly used on application with:

  • Information that needs to last for the product’s lifetime
  • Identification and serial numbers
  • Warnings, safety requirements and instructions
  • Variable information printed by thermal transfer

For such applications, Printmax offers a wide range of customization labels from YUPO, PET, PPs, strong PEs and more. Several of our durable labelling products have been recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. who are an independent product safety testing and certification organization.

Tamper-evident label solutions

Tamper-evident labels are a powerful deterrent to theft and relabelling therefore improving consumer safety. These labels feature visible signs if there is an attempt to open the package. When removed, these labels either leave a text, pattern, or logo on the surface of the package or the label delaminates or is destroyed. Tamper-evident label seals are exceptionally reliable and applicable to all stages of the supply chain.

Durable labels for different applications

Home appliances

We use water and energy in our homes to cook, clean and adjust the temperature within our home environment. Labels for home electronics and other household goods must be able to endure long-term use and withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity within the home. Our range of durable labels for home appliances features moderate heat and chemical resistance and lasting adhesion for indoors and outdoors.


Transportation applications are associated with extremely demanding conditions, including dramatic temperature fluctuations and repeated exposure to corrosive chemicals and abrasive grit. Whether applying a manufacturing label to a marine shipping container, we offer a range of durable labels for yellow goods as well as automotive, marine, and aviation equipment.

Industrial and office

Our durable labels for indoor machinery, industrial and office electronics and informational uses feature abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and moderate heat resistance.