Sustainable Development Goals

We at Printmax are committed to be the industry leader in sustainable development. Our sustainability initiatives are aligned with The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs).

To end poverty in all its forms, everywhere.
To eradicate hunger and poverty.
To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.
To bettering lives through quality education.
To promote gender equality as a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a prosperous world.
To provide clean, accessible water for all.
To improve access to clean and affordable energy.
To create societies that spur the generation of quality jobs, furthering sustainable economic growth.
To invest in infrastructure crucial for sustainable development.
To reduce inequalities by meeting the needs of disadvantaged and marginalised populations.
To invest in a future in which cities provide opportunities for all.
To produce and consume responsibly.
To combat climate change.
To practise effective management that preserves aquatic biodiversity.
To sustainably manage forests, reverse land degradation and desertification and halt biodiversity loss.
To promote access to justice for all through the building of effective and accountable institutions at all levels.
To revitalise global partnerships for a sustainable development.

This agenda is an action plan aiming to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people enjoy peace, prosperity and justice. It calls on governments, the private sector and citizens to help.

Fulfilling sustainable living with the SDGs in mind, our sustainability vision encapsulates three dimensions:


Sustainable global environment
Creating a circular economy

Prevent pollution and destruction to our environment by driving processes from sharing and recovery to upcycling based on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), product life extension, and material development

Reducing carbon footprint

Contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emission and mitigating of global warming by providing eco-friendly materials and solutions for energy efficiency.

Creating eco-friendly products and solutions

Source responsibly, develop and create values that are friendly to the environment, customers, and brands throughout our value chain.


Creating a safe, secure and enrich communities
Creating a safe society

Leverage security system technologies to create environments that enable everyone to use their own data safely and provide personal data usage services that achieve both enhanced usability and privacy protection.

Contributing to enhanced quality of life for communities

Make good use of our network and digital technologies to provide residents with optimal region-specific services and contribute to sustaining provincial cities.

Preserving culture

Develop solutions for preserving and passing down tangible and intangible culture and protecting the world’s diversity.


Empowerment and fulfilment of body and mind
Reducing food loss to help eliminate hunger

Reduce food loss throughout the value chain from primary industry sector to consumers with functional packaging and optimize the balance of supply and demand.

Making education accessible

Create a society whereby education is accessible anywhere and anytime by providing a global platform through technological advancements.

Using innovative digital technologies to enhance health

Contribute to longer healthy lives for people throughout the world by facilitating access to healthcare information and services that transcend national or regional borders.

Our sustainability journey is one that will progress and evolve as we face a shifting landscape of challenges, opportunities and circumstances. What will never change is our commitment towards upholding the highest standards of sustainable practices to ensure a better and brighter tomorrow for all.