Retail is one of the most competitive industries around. For brands that want to stand out against competitors, it pays to use the best retail label solutions available.

Retail labels that sell themselves

From clothing and accessories to weighed food items, retail labels help to communicate essential information about a wide range of products. Choose from a wide variety of paper and film label materials designed specifically for retail. Talk to our experts about choosing the right material for your label design.

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Weigh-scale labels

Produce weighed in-store is often marked with variable information and scanned individually at checkout. As weigh-scale labels can be applied directly to edible skins, it’s important to ensure that label materials are safe and approved for food contact. We offer label materials that are FSC™ certified (FSC C012530), BPA-free and phenol-free label materials which are suitable for direct thermal printing and approved for food contact.

Backroom labels

Backroom labels, which are usually white and unbranded, are used to carry essential pricing or other barcode information about goods such as meat, fish or cheese. Depending on the product type, these labels are applied temperatures ranging from room temperature to 0–8 °C. It’s important to choose the right label to ensure product information remains intact in a variety of temperatures while also complying with food safety regulations.

Talk to our experts about the right backroom label for your application.

Retailer labels

Labels that are applied onsite at the retailers’ environment must stand out, support removability, adhere to a variety of substrates. Removable shelf-mark labels assist inventory management and ensure product pricing is visible and up-to-date. Our label materials for retail applications support the printing of bright colours, can be easily removed using removable adhesives and can be applied to a variety of surfaces.


On-the-shelf products sometimes need to be relabelled. Opaque film and paper label materials are ideal for covering up unwanted information on labels or printed packaging and can effectively hide the contents of clear containers. Pair with removable label materials for easy, long-term removability without any residue or tearing – ideal for tableware products, energy labels on white goods or promotional labels on book or magazine covers.

Textile labels

Our specially developed textile labels can be applied to smooth and rough surfaces while ensuring a clean, residue-free removal. Alternatively, choose permanent adhesive labels for textiles that need to carry important information throughout the product lifetime- perfect for carpets, rugs and curtains.

Talk to our experts about the best materials for your textile label design.